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Snello Pellets were designed with ease of use kept in mind. Snello is an amazing tool for supplementing invertebrate diets, but it can be messy and confusing.

Pelleting the powdered, granulated, and raw ingredients keeps messes low, the amount of powder involved to a minimum, and makes making snello much easier.

Rest assured, we don't fix anything that isn't broken. The recipe used is the same recipe as the Original Snello recipe. The 8 ounce bags of snello pellets is similarly priced to the powdered version, while boasting an additional 1.6 ounces in dry weight.

Don't feed into the tank as-is. They are not designed to be fed into water before being made into snello.

Video to the product on Youtube:


1. Pour the 8oz bag of pellets into a mixing bowl
2. Pour hot gelatin water onto the pellets
---a. Gelatin Water: 16oz Water, 1oz Gelatin
---b. Use caution. Hot water can cause burns. Use PPE if needed.
---c. If your mixing bowl isn't insulated, use caution after pouring hot water in it.
3. Making sure that all of the pellets are submerged, let them set for a full minute.
4. Mix the slushy of gelatin water and saturated snello pellets.
5. Pour into moulds, then freeze. Store frozen.

The pellets, compared to the original snello premix, are easier to split and make smaller batches. This is useful if keeping snello frozen long-term isn't an option.

24oz option contains three 8oz bags.

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