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Where Our Journey Started

Natural Ingredients, Handmade in Small Batches

From the beginning of our journey, we formulated our recipes to meet our own invert needs. Aside from ample nutrition, we wanted as little processing as possible. Since then, it has expanded to helping others' needs.

Handmade in small batches, Crayfish Empire foods are produced with natural ingredients. There are no added preservatives and no artificial colors.

Our food products
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Rehabilitator or Home School?

Contact us with details about your project. We'll see where we can help. :)

Rehabilitators (Animals): At-Cost feed-grade calcium carbonate powder (limestone) available for rescues. Must have appropriate permit(s) as required by your state.

Aquatic Store or Breeder?

Use the hyperlinked form below to apply for free samples. We encourage they're given with sales (shrimp sticks given with a sale of shrimp), or introduced at fish swaps.

Applying will not guarantee success. Reselling products is available in the near future.

Application Page Click Here

Photo Submission?

You may submit photos and videos to our email. By submitting, you agree that you:

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