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We appreciate everyone's support so much! This Order Status Page was created to help communicate order progress updates that aren't normally communicated via email. Once you've received the tracking information that your order has shipped, you'll see the order number fall off of this sheet.

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Snail Supplies Sale - Crayfish EmpireSnail Supplies Sale - Crayfish Empire
Crayfish Empire Snail Supplies Sale
$89.99 $144.86
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Save 33%
Original Snello Kit - Sale (Buy Two, Get One Free) - Crayfish EmpireOriginal Snello Kit - Sale (Buy Two, Get One Free) - Crayfish Empire
Save 25%
Premium Brine Shrimp Eggs - Crayfish Empire
123 Live Foods Premium Brine Shrimp Eggs
From $5.99 $7.99
In stock
Save 33%
Daphnia Culture - Crayfish EmpireDaphnia Culture - Crayfish Empire
123 Live Foods Daphnia Culture
From $9.99 $14.99
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11oz Free Calcium, Cover Shipping - Crayfish Empire
Cholla Cactus Wood - Crayfish EmpireCholla Cactus Wood - Crayfish Empire
Save 33%
Microworms X-Large Pack - Crayfish Empire
Calcium Chip Minis - Crayfish EmpireCalcium Chip Minis - Crayfish Empire


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