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Calcium Chips

Formulated for Inverts

Calcium Chips

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Daphnia magna

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Indian Almond Leaves IAL

Essential for Axolotls, Bettas, Shrimp, and More

Indian Almond Leaves

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Cholla Wood Cholla Root

Perfect for Shrimp and Crayfish Hatchlings

Cholla Wood

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Leopard Ramshorn Snail

Fundamental Ecosystem Partners

Snails and Cleanup Crews

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"I absolutely love the customer service from Crayfish Empire. They've saved my tail on more than one occasion during emergencies where I would have lost hundreds of dollars in stock. Grant is kind, fair, and very good at what he does!"

-Tamara S.


"Received our second order from Crayfish Empire and could not have been more satisfied. Very good quality, extremely good communication. Wouldn’t send anyone anywhere else but here!"

-Aurora Axolotls


"Awesome products! I ordered snello and they sent me snail cookies with my order and my snails went crazy for them! Will be ordering again!"

-Carrie O.


"Just received a sample of the snail cookies and I LOVE them... the snails instantly attacked it and started gobbling it up and the calcium chips are also a hit! Thank you!"

-Kyker's Aquatics

"Grant is awesome to work with! He has a variety of products that can help a tank thrive as well as babies! You need something, he's your main guy! He's given me alot of opportunity to have my other cultures thrive with whatever they needed for an affordable cost! Highly recommend!"

-Aloni Mauser, Peaceful Lotls