Microworm Culture

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Contents: Microworms (x2), Information Sheet, Cup
Keep second culture bag in fridge as a backup. 

What Eats Them
Microworms are used frequently with small fish, fry, larval amphibians, and more. As opportunistic feeders, shrimp like Neocaridina sp. and snails have been observed to find and eat these while foraging.

How to Harvest
Observe the worms climbing the wall. Wipe your finger along the wall to collect the worms. (Gloves, Q-tip work well too) If they aren't climbing the walls well, it may be that the culture is too dry.

When and How to Make Another Culture
1. Generally reproductive rates will decrease prior to any other signs that it's time to replace their substrate.
2. As the bacteria they feed on drain the oats of its resources, the culture will become less viscous.
3. The smell of yeast and beer is normal. The smell of ammonia is not normal for a healthy culture.
4. If mold grows in the culture from contamination, they normally feed on it without intervention. Frequent mold outbreaks, or persistent mold colonies can be harmful to breathe in when opening the culture.

-Mix water and steam rolled oats (oatmeal works) until it's wet, but doesn't have standing water.
-Sprinkle some yeast on the surface. (Instant, Baker's, etc.)
-Place a scoop of substrate from a culture on top of the new substrate
-Vent Container (Thin slit in top of a deli cup lid works well)
-Keep hydrated, enclosed from flies and other bugs

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