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Calcium chips for snails is an essential supplement for invertebrate owners to give their shelled friends without the work and frustration put into making their own foods.

Consisting of calcium carbonate powder (99.3% CaCO3 in purity), spirulina, and bound by gelatin, the chips hold together well with a long shelf life kept in a cool dry spot.

How do I feed calcium chips?

For snails, crayfish, and shrimp, start small and work up from there. Drop a couple in and gauge their interest. If you have a feeding dish to help introduce new foods, drop them in there. Use in moderation, as too much calcium can cause complications in any organism.

Any chips that are overfed will dissolve into the water column overtime to add to the hardness. Some aquarists utilize these in their filters to raise their KH and/or GH. If the flow isn't strong enough in your tank, give the melted pile of calcium a quick stir to kick it up into the water column.

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