How to Set up a Banana Worm Culture: 

Use oatmeal, instant oats, or steam rolled oats as a base for the substrate (ground). Soak it with water, but make sure there's no standing water. Sprinkle the top with yeast and spread the banana worm starter culture on top. Keep them at room temperature.  

How to Harvest Banana Worms: 

Use a glove or cotton swab to wipe worms off the side of the container they're in. If there are no worms on the sides to harvest, but when shining a light on the culture the oatmeal shimmers or glistens, move it a darker area for a few hours. Harvesting banana worms is easy, just make sure no fruit flies get in while you do it.

How to get Banana Worms:

You can get live banana worms right here at shipped within the US and to select countries. During the winter months we have our banana worms for sale at discounted rates to help reduce costs for everyone around the holidays!

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