Política de envío

All Parcels:

  1. No packages will be sent the business day before or after a USPS holiday closing. This prevents packages from being lost as easily.
  2. If shipping via UPS, they can be dropped off on Saturdays, but won't move until Monday (overnight/next day air operates normally).

International Orders:

  1. The purchaser understands they have all permits required to import what they're purchasing. If the customs house finds the required permits are not in place upon arrival, this usually results in disposing of the package. We cannot control these actions.
  2. We cannot predict or calculate duties for parcels accurately enough to give a correct amount over phone, email, or otherwise. There are no programs available to us to calculate it for you during checkout. Please contact the respective authorities in your country to get the correct duty amount, and know that the duties to be paid are the responsibility of the receiver.
  3. We have no way of paying your duties ahead of time for you.

Perishable Contents:

  1. Parcels and shipments with live or frozen contents may and will be held when temperatures at the origin location (Des Moines, IA, for most parcels) or destination are below 40 degrees or above 80-85 degrees. This ensures temperature will not be a factor in DOA cases. This also helps prevent food spoilage for frozen or perishable items, keeping pets and breeding stock healthy.
  2. Live on Arrival Guarantee may be waived in physical or electronic writing.

Dry Contents:

  1. All orders are aimed to be shipped within 24-48 hours of being submitted. This is not a guarantee.
  2. We work diligently to keep all products in stock. In times of shortages, we'll keep communication lines open (email, facebook page) and update the Orders.CrayfishEmpire.com page as every day or two.