Benefits of Mystery Snail Guardians

Crayfish Empire LLC works closely with Mystery Snail Guardians to provide the members and businesses of the community ways to grow further into their own communities or hobbies.

Discounts for Members

A discount of 20% has been provided for members of the aquatic community using the MSG2020 discount code, which gives 20% off of their cart value. The only product that this doesn't apply to is the 1lb option of Brine Shrimp Eggs, due to a minimized return margin to remain competitive. The link below will automatically redirect you to the main page with the discount applied to your cart.

Click Here to Apply Code to Your Cart

Giveaways and the Group

Crayfish Empire provides product and store credit prizes for the facebook community Mystery Snail Guardians. You can join by clicking here. The link will redirect you to the facebook group, a third-party link that is outside of From photo contests to scheduled giveaways, we wish to return to the community the support that's been given to us. Join and enjoy!


Spotlight Members of the Community

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