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Pack: Dry Mix and Gelatin
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Used in supplementing invertebrate diets to aid in molting, egg production, and improving overall health. Add to your own recipe, mix veggies, or mix as is.

Ingredients: Kelp Meal, Wheat Bran, Mealworms, Spirulina, Calcium Carbonate

Gelatin is not in the silver bag. If purchased with gelatin, it'll come separately.

Photos are to show the ingredients used. The amounts shown are not proportionate to the product in the premix bag. See final photo for product bagged.


  1. 1) Pour your premix into a bowl and mix it thoroughly.

    2) Measure out 16oz (2 cups) of ice water.

    3) Distribute your 1oz gelatin (1oz in weight, not volume) evenly on top of the ice water.

    4) Allow the gelatin to soak up water until it’s completely wet.

    5) Turn flame on low, stir casually until ice cubes melt (if used).

    6) Turn flame higher until your gelatin is dissolved and tiny bubbles are rising. Get as close to a boil as you can, then turn off the heat.

    7) Mix the gelatin water with your dry mix. Make sure there aren’t any dry pockets.

    8) (Optional) You can  add fresh veggies to this mix. You may need to adjust water content.

    9) Pour snello paste into your freezable dishware or bag.


    Helpful Tip: Use Saran wrap or parchment paper on the bottom of the dishware for easy removal.


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