Mystery Snail Guardians Snello Kit

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After ideas submitted by members of the Facebook group Mystery Snail Guardians were processed, this recipe of antioxidant rich ingredients was developed! Similar to the original snello kit, but includes beet powder, mulberry leaf powder, and acai powder, this is a powerhouse of nutrients and goodness for your snails!

Ingredients: Kelp Meal, Calcium Carbonate (limestone), Wheat Bran, Ground Insects, Spirulina, Beet Powder, Mulberry Leaf Powder, Acai Powder

  1. Mix 1oz gelatin in cold water until dissolved. Bring to a boil after dissolving.
  2. Mix premix packet with veggies or other foods you wish to add to the snello batch.
  3. Pour boiled gelatin water into bowl with other ingredients. Mix well. Place in mould/tray and freeze. Pop it out once frozen, then store in freezer.

Children/Animals: If consumed, ingredients are not harmful.

Not for human consumption. Choking Hazard

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