How to Set up a Vinegar Eel Culture: 

Pour 8-10oz of distilled water and 8-10oz of apple cider vinegar into a container. Place a quarter of an apple in the solution, chopped. Pour your vinegar eel starter culture into the container. Vinegar eels eat the bacteria that consume the apples. Keep them at room temperature.  

How to Harvest Vinegar Eels: 

Pour the vinegar eels through a coffee filter, without letting the remaining apple chunks follow them. After filtering the them out, move them to a container of water. You can target feed fish with vinegar eels using a syringe or just pour them.

How to get Vinegar Eels:

You can get live vinegar eels for sale here at shipped within the US and to select countries. During the winter months we sell our vinegar eels at discounted rates to help reduce costs for everyone around the holidays!

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