Powdered Limestone (Calcium Carbonate)

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Calcium for snails is an important ingredient to find before snail foods. Calcium for snello can range in textures, but this powder will mix the easiest, providing a consistent distribution.

Finding the right calcium carbonate supplement for invertebrate foods or to adjust tank parameters can be tricky. That's why once we sourced exactly what we were looking for, we order by the pallet (2,000lbs)!

Pulverized limestone is a powdery white substance that is used in agricultural feeds and human supplements. It should be noted that at 99.3% purity (CaCO3) that this is supplied to us as feed-grade limestone. The majority of the .7% is magnesium carbonate, a relatively inert mineral that will help with buffering tanks and add to the diet of the consumers.

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Calcium (Ca) 39.5%
Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) 99.3%

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